Updates to BRIDGE Connect 2023

Learn about all the amazing updates we made to BRIDGE CONNECT℠ over the past year.

Today our data is stronger than ever


Our goal is simple: provide our clients with smarter, better data that drives growth.  

Reach more REAL people. Our unique ability to create accurate, timely, and complete profiles of real people exceeds market standards and enables you to leverage our audience data to maintain the integrity of yours.

Better tools than ever to measure the efficacy of our audiences - including people-based POS tracking.

And as always - Our ethical, forward-thinking approach to privacy and compliance allows you to unlock new, actionable insights about your customers and prospects.

The Updates

Over the past year, we have taken the following steps to make BRIDGE CONNECT℠ the leader in permission-based, real people data.  

More People, Better Match Rates. We have increased the accuracy of our postal addresses by over 25% on average. This allows us to assure you with full confidence that our consumers' addresses attached to their consumer profiles are up to date, improving the outcomes of geo-targeted marketing campaigns.

More Deliverable Emails Addresses.
New and improved email addresses lead to better consumer targeting.

Bigger Identity Graph. Allow your customers to truly connect to consumers with people-level data. Improved HEM to MAID and MAID to HEM records.

Better Business Data. Maximize the potential of reaching the correct business for your clients.

  1. B2B— More accurate local data on business establishments
  2. Better links between People and the Businesses they work for.
    We know where consumers work and live. Completing their full digital profile.

More Data Points. Our taxonomy has expanded interests,  consumption, and demographic data points. Leverage the power of first-party data, increasing your understanding of your next customer.

New Data Verticals

  1. Expanded Political Data
    Target persuadable voters.
  2. Brand Level Purchase Data 
    Build brand awareness and loyalty
  3. Health Interest Data 
    Target households with interest in over 70 specific ailments.