Benefits of BRIDGE CONNECT ℠

Learn how to leverage BRIDGE CONNECT℠ to improve your data and grow revenue

BRIDGE CONNECT ℠, our top-ranked consumer audience database, is exclusively focused on the identities of real people, allowing us to be the engine for the world’s leading identity graphs and data providers. 

Our unparalleled intelligence and forward-thinking approach to privacy, compliance, and security empower you to unlock a holistic view of your target consumer.

Our Approach to Data 


Real People

We are THE people-based PII data provider. While other companies merely sell data, we sell knowledge. 


We champion an ethical, forward-thinking approach to privacy and compliance. Our profiles on real people are updated monthly to ensure the utmost accuracy and adherence to industry, federal, and state regulations.

Proven Performance

Our unrivaled people-based intelligence fuels over 70,000 campaigns every year. Our data is active- not only do our customers leverage it in their campaigns, we use it too.

Third-Party Verified

BRIDGE CONNECT has been top-ranked for two years in a row by Truth{set}, an independent firm that measures consumer audience data quality.

Ways You Can Leverage BRIDGE CONNECT ℠ 


Better Understand Your Prospects

We will help you expand your view of your current leads - add profile information to create a complete picture.

Improve Your Acquisition Efforts

Use Bridge to build better lookalikes of your current leads. We will provide you with a lookalike lead list to optimize your lead acquisition strategy.

Monetize Your Lead Lists

Monetize your lists by letting us use your data in our (non-competitive to your lead program) branded ad campaigns.