Learn About BRIDGE Connect℠

Learn the basics of our people-based audience database, BRIDGE Connect℠

What it is

Our consumer audience database, BRIDGE CONNECT℠, is timely, accurate, and complete, enabling you to find real people interested in your products and services.

The BRIDGE CONNECT℠ audience is composed of real people profiles created by connecting an individual's email address to their actual digital, mobile, and offline behavior.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple: provide our clients with people-based data that drives growth in sales, customers, and profits.

Quality Data

We deliver over 80k campaigns a year against our audience database, which provides us with direct feedback on changes to consumers’ personal information. This allows us to continually learn from and refresh our data so you can have confidence in our ongoing commitment to data quality.

The key to BRIDGE connect is we can leverage the data from our count system. Reach out to your BRIDGE rep to get started today!

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