Foot Traffic Attribution Reporting Metrics

Learn what reporting is available with Foot Traffic Attribution

We utilize real-time location services, geofencing, and mobile listening to capture all mobile devices that enter your location during the lifetime of your campaign and provide metrics for the following:

  • Match Rate: Our match rate is updated daily for the Optimization dashboard using the cumulative match rates of the previous days. 
  • Measured Visits: Measured visits are visits we can deterministically attribute to our marketing efforts. These are devices that we’ve served ads to and captured when they visited the store. 
  • Projected Visits: Projected visits are calculated by forecasting how the portion of the audience we’re able to track is behaving. By measuring how the portion of the audience we’re able to track is behaving and extrapolating those results, we’re able to predict that the rest of the audience is behaving in the same manner.   
  • Walk-to-Rate: Projected visits divided by devices reached (rate at which people are visiting).
  • Cost Per Visit (CPV): Estimated cost per visit using a provided CPM.

Additional measurements available: 

  • Impressions Served
  • Unique People Reached
  • Visit Rate
  • Dwell Time 
  • Uplift
  • Time between impression & conversion