BRIDGE Political Data Benefits

Learn the benefits of BRIDGE's Political Data

Our political data is now more accurate and specific than ever before and fully integrated into our BRIDGE Connect Database and tied to REAL People.

Through our audience of verified voter profiles, we provide the most accurate and up-to-date political data available. We ensure the quality of our political data by cleaning any outdated email addresses, outdated postal addresses, and deceased voters.

We have one of the most comprehensive Political Databases in the industry and it is updated on a monthly basis, ensuring you are always getting your message to REAL voters. 

We have over 140 Political Data points including but not limited to:

  • High Dollar Political Donors
  • Voters interested in labor issues 
  • Voters who are likely Veterans
  • Voters likely to be Republican or Democrat 
  • Independent Voters 

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Additional BRIDGE Benefits

Upgrade to People-Based Data 

Only we deliver a simple-yet-powerful way to reach actual, verified members of your electorate. 

Reach Persuadable Voters

We fine-tune target voters based on their specific political interests, affiliations, and voting district, helping you connect with hard-to-reach, persuadable voters.

Get More Out of Your Campaign Budget

We attack ad fraud with REAL people saving you time and valuable marketing dollars.

Work With Political Ad Experts  

Our full-service account management team provides 1:1 support and will help you with your political ad targeting strategy.