BRIDGE B2B Data Overview

Learn the basics of B2B Data

What it is: 

Business-to-business data, often referred to as B2B data, is any information that can be used to drive your marketing and sales campaigns. 

B2B vs. B2C Data:

B2B data is geared toward companies and organizations rather than individuals. The main goal when acquiring B2B data is to connect with the decision-makers of the business you are targeting.

How to use it:

A B2B plan should be focused on the brand and targeted to specific groups of audiences. By utilizing data such as industry, occupation level, revenue, geographic location, etc., you can improve the value of your marketing and build targeted campaigns to reach your audience through multiple channels. 

Why it's important:

B2B marketing is much more specialized. Your audience consists of a distinct set of individuals with particular challenges and needs who are involved at varying stages of a sales funnel. 

  • The more narrowly you can define this audience, the better you’ll be able to speak to them directly with relevant messaging