B2B Data Benefits

Learn the benefits of BRIDGE's B2B Data

What makes our data so great: 

We have over 40 million records linked to a full profile of firmographic data that enable you to reach people using attributes such as job title, company name, and company size.

  • To ensure you are reaching the most relevant and accurate B2B audiences, we deterministically link our B2B data to an individual’s mobile device. We also link our consumer profile to our B2B profiles, allowing us to further verify an individual’s identity.

How we source it:

We’ve built Bridge Connect℠, a verified audience of more than 250M real people all tied to billions of data points that help marketers and data providers understand an individual’s unique interests and behaviors. 

  • By matching your data to Bridge Connect℠, we can provide deeper insights about your customers and prospects. With a more complete picture of your audience, you can reach them on a more individualized level.

How we can optimize your B2B campaign:

  • Data Enrichment: We fill in the gaps of your audience knowledge by providing additional characteristics, more scale, or an entirely new dataset, giving you a full view of your ideal audience. 
  • Data Licensing: As a business, you have accumulated your own data sets. If you are looking to add to your current audience, Bridge can provide new data to widen your database. 
  • Targeting: If your product needs to be tailored to unique audiences, Bridge will layer in attribution needs to create dynamic custom audiences. 
  • Media: Retention, Re-engage, or Acquire: In addition to enriching and licensing your data, our experienced in-house media team will take your data, user behavior, and previous history to build and deploy your campaigns.